Evolution in Peru

Blueberries are part of the fruit subsector of the Peruvian agro-export
industry, which has obtained significant growth in recent years in response to
growing world demand. This growth would not have been possible without the
professionalism of the agricultural operations of the Peruvian industry, phytosanitary care and
the opening and improvement of access to international markets.
tons of fresh
blueberries exported
during season 2015-16
tons of fresh
blueberries exported
during season 2022-23

Consolidating for the third consecutive year
as the main exporter of fresh blueberries worldwide.


85% of the volume exported from Peru
is exported between

August and December

During the last 2022-23 season, the
export peak occurred in week 38 with
a total of 21,333 tons, representing
an increase of


compared to the peak of the previous
season with 11,239 tons during week 41,
and an increase of 107% compared to
the peak of the 2019-20 season with
7,689 tons during week 45.

Likewise, during season
2021-22 we had exports
above 5,000 tons for


(weeks 31- 46 and 48)

in season 2020-21, the
5,000-ton barries was
exceeded in


(weeks 33 to 48)

and in season 2019-2020
in only 2 weeks


(weeks 34 and 48)


Most of the blueberry plantations
are in La Libertad: 45.4%,

with a participation of
46% of the total area of
Peru, followed
by Lambayeque with 29.0%

Ica: 6.8%,
Lima: 6.7%
Ancash: 6.4%
Piura: 5.3%
Moquegua: 0.4%

Regarding the varieties of blueberries
in Peru, a total of 65 different
varieties of blueberries have been
certified during the year 2022,
a significant varietal increase considered
that in the year 2016 only
13 varieties were certified, and
30 were registered in the year 2019.

From Peru
to the world

During the 2021-22 season, Perú exported
220,000 tons of blueberry, with a 37% increase
in comparison with the second to last campaign.
The main destination was the United States, with
a participation of 55% (123k tons); followed by Europe
with 30% (69K tons), Asia with 12% (27k tons)
and others with 3%; reaching 31 destinations.