We change

We believe that more can always
be done. We guarantee a sustainable
balance in the blueberry industry to
contribute to the social, economic, and
environmental development of Peru.

We want to positively impact the lives
of those who come across our industry
by instilling respect, appreciation, and
development. Socially and economically,
the Peruvian blueberry production has
generated more than 100,000 job positions
led by women in its last season, always
based on the premise of fair trade.
In addition, it has invested in infrastructure
for the development of rural areas where
companies operate, building health centers,
schools and developing social programs
for the population. The blueberry industry changes lives.
Environmentally, we make sure that we
use efficiently our natural resources,
especially water, one of the main elements
so that our fruits can grow properly. We
take care of and know how to take advantage
of the resources that nature gives us. We
consider ourselves socially responsible
managing water resources in the basins
where the productive units are located.

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As an industry, we believe in offering trust and security to the consumer.
Here we have some of our certifications: